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Timbalive ft December Bueno y Kola Loka 2016

Gasolina De Avion es nombre del video que les brindo a continuacion.

The Timbalive proyect burst into the music scene in Miami in August 2008, created by Leo Garcia (Director, Timbals, Vocals), offering the best of Cuban Music with a mix of different rhytms from around the world and sophinsticated production techniques, offering a spectacular live show.
Timbalive is a group of Miami, and all membersare highly trained musicians from music schools in Cuba, some of them have played with the better known around the world as Amaury Gutierrez, Willy Chirino, Albita Rodriguez, Isaac Delgado, Manolin (doctor of Salsa), Group Afrocuba, Carlos Manuel, Luis Enrique, Rey Ruiz, Marc Anthony, Celia Cruz, Paulo FG, Clave y Guaguanco, Oscar de Leon … and have come together to realize their musical dream, the largest and most successful group of Timba United States and the world.